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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Housekeeping Updates

If you haven't already, if you could be so kind, please add the Chicago Running Bloggers badge/widget/whatever you want to call it to your blog. I don't care where, and no, I won't be auditing you or removing you from the site if you don't, but it's always nice to see :)

I recently added a page to the site for you to submit your giveaway posts. Once you submit a (legit) link to your giveaway post, I'll share it via the CRB Facebook page and Twitter.

If you're on Twitter, and you aren't doing so already, be sure to follow the CRB Twitter list. All your blogger friends in one spot!

We have a hashtag! If you have a post you want your fellow CRB's to see, use the hashtag #CRBchat. Use this for questions for your fellow CRB's, to see who is doing what race, etc. Also, use this on Instagram for pics of our meet-ups, taking pics with other bloggers at races, etc. I just ask that you save this for tweets/photos truly related to Chicago, running and blogging, and not for promoting every new blog post. (Also, for general posts about Running & Chicago, use #RunCHI, or Blogging & Chicago = #CBNchat or #WindyCityBloggers.)

Blog Facebook Pages
If you have a Facebook page for your blog, add a link to the list on the CRB Facebook page.

Most of this info was sent to the CRB email list earlier in the week. If you submitted your info, but didn't receive the email, shoot me a note at

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