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Friday, January 10, 2014

Two Years, Too Many Good Times

The first post I made to was on January 10, 2012, so I can only assume that was the day I created this blog.

All I can say is ... wow. I had no idea what would happen when I did create it.

All I knew is that I kept coming across all of these other blogs written by local Chicago runners. I started adding every one to Google Reader (R.I.P.) And everyone seemed so nice, and ran the same races, trails, etc, that I ran (or wanted to run). And I noticed we were all following each other and commenting on blogs. Some bloggers were getting together for run dates, or to do a race, or meet for lunch - it was all very one-off.

What if it was more organized? Honestly, when I created this site, I thought it would be just a web site. A central resource so that we could discover each other's blogs. Someone quickly suggested that we should get together (for drinks? at a race?) and so we did!

Anyway, two years later and I'm just amazed at this little community that we have! And I love all the awesome friends I've made through it. If you have yet to make it to a Chicago Running Blogger event, perhaps make it your new years resolution to do so? (If not, no pressure!) Just remember that all Chicago Running Bloggers are welcome to join any of the meet-ups posted via the Facebook page! (And if none of those are convenient for you, you're welcome to host one of your own!)

Hope to see you at the next meet-up!

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