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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Race Recaps, Feb 9-10

North Shore Cupid's Love Dash
Trish Runs the World Away
Zach Runs Chicago
I Heart Pikermis
Heather to 26.2
Fat Girl Run

Frozen Five
Zach Runs Chicago
Muddy Monk

Frosty 5 Mile

New Blogs Added
Running in Chucks
Mommy's Running Adventures

Don't forget!
Join us for our first Beer Run on Saturday, Feb 23.

Also ...
I'm putting together a PRIVATE email list of the Chicago Running Bloggers. I've been asked by a couple brands/events lately if there is such an email list. It would mostly be for sharing private offers, events, etc, and it would be me forwarding their information, I would not provide this list to anyone else. I promise not to spam you. Check it out and add yourself if you'd like.